Kara Schlemmer


Kara has been in public education for over 30 years and earned her Master of Education Degree at the University of Minnesota. Her passion for special education and creating inclusion for all drives her beliefs that HOPE can and DOES change the path for people.  A positive outlook and understanding of others thoughts and perspectives can help navigate the toughest of situations. Kara's resilience and perseverance both help get things done and motivates others to get involved in any way that they are able.


Samantha Schlemmer


Sweet and Sassy Sam is our absolute ultimate inspiration of HOPE! She is a high school student and likes to be involved in the community. She has a fighting spirit about her that keeps people around her laughing, and motivated to keep moving forward.  Despite her ongoing and life threatening medical challenges that she faces daily, she always seems to find the HOPE from within her and is not afraid to share it with those around her.  This girl can find HOPE anywhere, at any time and we are so grateful for her!


Nick Schlemmer


Nick is a graduate of Cal Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He currently works as a Project Manager for Saritasa. He is an energetic, motivated and highly dynamic person with strong working skills and a broad range of hands-on and theoretical experience ranging in many areas. Nick is our expert in completing demanding assignments and he brings the HOPE with him. 


Katy Schlemmer

Katy specializes in creative direction and post-production, earning her Bachelor's in Film and Electronic Arts from California State University, Long Beach. As a sponsored skateboarder and surfer, she holds a considerable presence in the action-sports industry, having collaborated on video work with a multitude of big named brands and artists including: Led Zeppelin, Almost Skateboards, Active Ride Shop, KR3W Denim, WeSC, and more. Her ability to direct motion and action proves no less than exceptional and her industry experience allows her to target specific demographics with compelling visuals. She has ample experience creating video content fully optimized for websites recognizing her professional career as an editor for Mopro (editing videos for high-end clients such as Cinnabon, Wetzel's Pretzels, Pepsi, etc). Her relentless determination and creative-thinking proves no project too big in making the impossible possible! This girl is HOPE driven and is an amazing asset to our team!


Joey Schlemmer 



Joey is currently a college student and is working towards a business degree. His strengths include the ability to work with others and make things happen. He is a strong leader and able to work together for the greater good. He has experience as a youth teacher in his church, a mentor for special needs teenagers, and tutoring.